Posting content on LibPsy

I have changed some settings on the site to make it easier for registered users to post material on  I know that this has been a problem from time to time for people.  For people whose work I know (i.e. you’ve contributed to the field already), I have set you to ‘author’ status, which means when logged in you can post material.  For others your status will initially be ‘contributor’ which means you can post but your work is reviewed first.

The important thing is that the network will only flourish if people use it, and that means generating content.  This can be news updates, short articles on key concepts and controversies, campaign news, or issues you’d like debated.

Sometimes the software lets us down – I hadn’t realised all the restrictions were in place, and I think that might have been due to a change at some point in the wordpress rules (wordpress is the software that hosts the site).  And publishing here is pretty straightforward, not unlike using a word-processor.  Contact us if you need help.

When setting up the network we built in the facility to set up fora, to work together on documents, to have networks of ‘friends’ within the libpsy community.  Those things haven’t been used, but are still there – do explore the functionality of the network and make it your network. You can even – with our help – have your own site under the domain – so if you have a project and would like a blog or website to go with it consider this. Liberation psychology is not a big tendency in psychology and we need to support one another!