Developing the network – again

The meeting we aimed to have at Barcelona clashed with other events so we were unable to have much discussion.  Thanks to those who have commented already but I have yet to receive much in the way of feedback on the paper setting out proposals.Liberation Psychology Network – Discussion Paper: Proposals for Developing the Network and I really would appreciate your input. The network won’t be a reality without active participation so please do comment, in these ways.. 
Here on this site by posting a comment (or a blog post for something long),
via the email-list (if you are already signed up to that post to

If you are having difficulty using the site, look here first.

I look forward to discussion, ideas and offers!



What do you think of it so far?

Do let me have feedback on this site and its networking options.
Also please do let me have suggested papers to post publicly, news items, events, offers to help, pictures, etc.