Liberating psychology everywhere


The key is the symbol of return for the Palestinian people to their homes from which they were displaced.


Here is a brief talk I gave for the closing symposium at the International Community Psychology Conference, Birzeit University, Ramallah, Palestine, May, 2013.  It reflects on the question of a locally sensitive but globally aware community psychology from the perspective of liberation psychology: “Liberating psychology everywhere”.  Old ground maybe – but it is brief.  The conference was excellent, so in tune with the approach of liberation psychology, with contributions from Palestine, colonial Puerto Rico,post-colonial South Africa, the former colonial power in Palestine, the UK, as well as Belgium and Norway.  We were honoured to be the guests of Birzeit and of the Palestinian people in the occupied territories, to learn something of the day to day oppression and their dignified resistance. A personal account of our trip can be found here.
Mark Burton