Liberation Psychology: 25 years on. Martín-Baró on State terrorism in El Salvador (video)

Ignacio Martín-Baró on State terrorism in El Salvador.
A rare video of Martín-Baró speaking in English.  He covers State terrorism in El Salvador in the 1980s and before. He focusses on the role of the disappearances, murders and massacres in the pacification of the population, taking a social psychological perspective that is firmly located in both a humanistic and a socio-political outlook.  He makes the important point that this political terrorism has an impact, not just on the victims, but also on the wider population.  Many thanks to Adrianne Aron (who introduces the talk) for making the video available.  The recording is rather quiet, but very clear: try headphones if it is too quiet on your machine.
Due to technical limitations it appears in three parts.  Also see our videos page.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3 (corrected link)


Liberation Psychology: 25 years on. What does music have to do with it?

Ignacio Martín Baró and Woody Guthrie with guitarsHere is the first contribution to mark the twenty fifth anniversary of Ignacio Martín Baró’s murder on 16 November, 1989.

It is fitting that it comes from Adrianne Aron, who with Shawn Corne, edited  Writings for a Liberation Psychology (1996) the only English language collection of Martín Baró’s writings.  She practices psychology in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, USA and more recently her Introduction to PEDRO AND THE CAPTAIN (Cadmus, 2009) describes work with torture survivors as approached by liberation psychology. PEDRO is an English translation of Mario Benedetti’s play, PEDRO Y EL CAPITAN, a dramatic dialogue between a torturer and his victim.

In her piece Adrianne reflects on the role of music in Martín Baró’s life and perspective, a reminder of the importance of cultural endeavour in both life and liberation.  I did not have the fortune to meet and know him, but I have heard about his singing from others who did, and at the Universidad Centroamericana “José Simeón Cañas” in San Salvador, where he lived and was killed I was interested to see this picture in a colleague’s office, which appears above with one of Woody Guthrie whose songs have been a great influence for Adrianne.

Others have promised pieces to mark this sad event, both to remember and to look ahead, and they will appear here.

Read Adrianne Aron;s piece “What does music have to do with it?” here


IMB and the 99% from El Salvador to Occupy – Adrianne Aron

Now available here (and from the Documents page) Adrianne Aron:  IMB and the 99%: from El Salvador to Occupy.