How to use the site

How to get the best out of this site.

Do browse the site and make use of the links and other resources, which will grow over time.  You can do this without being a registered member.

There are two things you can join: 1) the openlibpsy discussion list – this is a googlegroup like other listservers. See next paragraph.
2) the social network that works through this website. See the paragraph after next. Joining one of these does not join you to the other – sorry we couldn’t set it up another way.

If you just want to join the Liberation Psychology email discussion you can also do this without registering as a member on the click the tab: discussion list.  Once signed up to that you can choose how to receive emails – individually or in bundles as a digest, daily, weekly, etc.

To use the other features you need to register on this site.  There is a link at the signing in menu on the right hand side – or use this link

Trouble registering?  some people have had difficulty with the registration process – if so please contact me directly and I’ll set up your membership manually.

Once you’ve signed up please do explore the features available:

  • You can set up open or private groups and discussion fora associated with them.
  • You can work together on documents.
  • You can ‘make friends’ in facebook style.  Once you have built up friend connections you will be able to invite others to your group.
  • You can create blog posts – to do this click on Dashboard in the menu options at the top of the page (when logged in) and then select ‘New Post’ – the post will appear on the Home page.  We do encourage you to do this as it will help the network come alive.  Post feed to our twitter account and to the parallel FaceBook social psychology of liberation group.
  • More easily you can post an update from your member page or from the activity page – but this won’t appear on the home page.
  • If you aren’t too good at all this techie stuff – contact us and we’ll help – similarlywe canl post events on the events page for you.
  • You can comment on posts and pages.
  • If you want your own blog – like a separate site but within,  We can help help set up for you quickly.  It would have an address like  and might cover a project you are running, an appeal, or just somewhere to post your own material relevant to liberation psychology – so long as it’s broadly consistent with the overall orientation of psychology of liberation.

If you are keen to help run the site then let us know and we can upgrade your registration.

If you can think of other features that would be useful then let us know and we” see if we can add them to this page.

And if you encounter problems with the site, again let us know.  There may be problems with older versions of Internet Explorer – but are you still using that? – Firefox is far better.

And the site is also a resource for links, posts, events, campaigns relating to the idea that psychology should be working for liberation from oppression, poverty, exclusion.


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