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  • admin (Mark Burton) said 6 years, 7 months ago:

    1) I definitely think a celebration is due! A large sharing/listening circle comes to mind, and so does some type of creative expression (dance, music, video)
    2) I’d be inclined to suggest an ‘open space’ format in which people can suggest discussion groups and others participate in them according to their interest. We might need a couple of hours for this at least, and would need a convening question or theme that would attract people to give it a try.

    I suppose you have seen open space. If not, check out It is usually for longer time periods, but I have seen it work in briefer formats.

    3) I very much like the sound of something more celebratory and we could include poetry, song (writing our own libertarian song –I can do the lyrics if someone else will do the music –or singing along to Victor Jara, Mercedes Sosa, Paco Ibañez) photograph or collage, live sculpture or brief performance, short film, all ideas welcomed!

    I like the idea of ‘outsider witness practice’ (from the narrative framework), where there is a reflection on what gets seen/heard and then a reflection on this reflection by those who offered the images/words. In my experience, this is an enormously valuing and connecting practice, enriching all the people involved.

    I think that when we, human beings, engage all of our senses in whatever we do, we make it come alive and shared commitment is stronger and great energy gets generated; all of which, in my view, is a form of embodiment of power, by the people and for the people, that can fuel continued liberation praxis.

    4) Occupy Community Psychology! I love the idea of a celebration, and would definitely prefer doing that over giving a paper or facilitating a symposium. We will have to name each float in this parade, however, so that others at the conference understand there’s substance behind the idea of a celebration.

  • Mark Burton said 6 years, 7 months ago:

    We’ll give it a few days – see what other ideas there are and who volunteers to help organise and then we’ll put a proposal together.

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