We will post articles here that have been written for the network, or have been provided for us by the writer.

Two interviews with Ignacio Martín-Baró
1) Havana, July, 1987     2)  Massachusetts, 1985

Mark Burton: Liberation Psychology: a constructive critical praxis.  Keynote paper given at 3rd Critical Psychology Symposium, Diyarbakir, Turkey, September, 2012.  accepted for publication in  Psychological Studies  volume 30 of 2013.

What do we understand by “Liberation Psychology”? – output from workshop: “Constructing Liberation Psychology”, International Congress of Community Psychology, Barcelona, June 2012.

Contributions from the Round Table at International Congress of Community Psychology, Barcelona on Psychology for Liberation: Contemporary Currents, June 2012.

Taiwo Afuape:  Notes on African and African heritage precursors and contributions to Liberation Psychology. 
Catalina Argüello:  Disaster Prevention and Response (.pdf document)
(.ppt file 4.2MB large)

Bibliography on Liberation Psychology – from Mary Watkins, but we have been adding to it.

Adrianne Aron:  IMB and the 99%: from El Salvador to Occupy. now available here
Chapter 6 in Peace Philosophy and Public Life: Commitments, Crises, and Concepts for Engaged Thinking. Edited by Greg Moses and Gail Presbey (Amsterdam-New York: Rodopi, 2014) pp. 85-92.

Mark Burton: A second psychology of liberation: valuing and moving beyond the Latin American

Wayne Dykstra: Liberation Psychology: Challenging Psychology and the Psychologist Through Conscientization


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  1. Really enjoyed reading your paper Adrianne thanks for posting it!
    Am hoping to visit El salvador later this year and all being well will perhaps be staying with the Jesuit Priests in El Salvador so very much looking forward to having some conversations with them and also to meeting some of the people of El Salvador through a friend who is currently working in the community there. jacx

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