Toward Psychologies of Liberation / Hacia Psicologías de Liberación

Mary Watkins and Helene Shulman announce the Spanish translation of Toward Psychologies of Liberation. We are grateful to Montserrat Chanivet Marabot for this translation.  Please share this with others you think might be interested.

​You can download the translation for free at

Dussel’s Ethics of Liberation is out in English

cover:  Ethics of LiberationLong awaited, Philosopher of Liberation, Enrique Dussel’s key work, Ethics of Liberation is now available for the first time in English.  First published in Spanish in 1998, this text is a remarkable tour de force, integrating a number of philosophical perspectives on ethics from diverse traditions, all within an overall paradigm of ‘transmodernity’ – the idea and practice of going beyond the modern, Eurocentric model of thought and action and without discarding the ‘good bits’ correcting it with a critique from below, from the excluded, the oppressed, the marginalised of the world system.In this he gives us the philosophical underpinnings for the psychology of liberation – an approach consistent with Martín-Baró’s critical reconstruction of the discipline from the standpoint of the oppressed majority.

The contents, foreword and preface can be read here:
The publisher’s page for the book is here:
(please don’t buy it from Amazon – the company avoids paying tax and uses zero hours contracts for its workers).

And by way of introduction, you can read some of my own articles that engage simultaneously with the psychology of liberation and Dussel’s approach here:

The analectic turn: critical psychology and the new political context

Introducing Dussel: the Philosophy of Liberation and a really social psychology. (with JM Flores Osorio)


Martín-Baró in English?

There has been recent discussion on the openlibpsy discussion list about the possibility of

Ignacio Martín-Baró photo with guitar

Ignacio Martín-Baró

translation of more of Ignacio Martín-Baró’s works into English.  Sadly this doesn’t seem to be an immediate possibility, but we have just posted two interviews from 1985 and 1987 on the documents page. [Initially there were some problems with the 2 files but this now corrected – 9/4/2013 3.16pm BST.]  If you have any material in English by Martín-Baró then please do share it.
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