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I’m not a fan of facebook but, well, a lot of people use it.  There is a facebook group with very similar interests (and overlapping membership with this network).  And you can go straight there (without having to fight through all the other trivia) with this link.  Thanks to Ana Eugenia for establishing the group and to Rod for bringing it to my attention.   Posts from this site should now feed there automatically.




Registering on the site

Apologies for problems with registering on this network in recent months. Things seem to be working properly again. We still have problems with spammers but are using a variety of strategies to deal with them. Unfortunately some of the tools we’ve used produced other problems with the software!

Let us know (see contacts tab) if you have any problems registering.

And don’t forget to also register for the email list – click the discussion tab/menu above.


Libpsy Updates

1)  I’m encouraging people who haven’t yet joined to sign up to the email discussion list through the googlegroups link.   That way you’ll not have to keep visiting this page but will get important news and updates into your email inbox.   If you’ve any difficulty signing up (some corporate systems make it difficult) than let me know and I’ll try to help.

2)  I’ve reinstated the activity page – I took this down when we had the spam robots signing up but now we’ve dealt with most of that problem it is back and is an easy way to see what’s new on the site (otherwise things like comments can be a bit buried.

3)  Talking of comments, there is a bit of a discussion now following my post on taking the network forward.  Other ideas (from María Castro) are to have a regular skype conference, for example with one person making introductory remarks and then a group discussion – it would work best if each session was around a particular theme. Is there any interest in this? We also discussed logos, and thanks to María and Alejandro we now have our rising dove logo – what do you think of it?logo libpsy

4)  Finally, if you are going to the International Community Psychology Congress at Barcelona next week – do drop into our sesions which at present are scheduled as follows:
Viernes 22 / Friday 22h – 9 – 10’30h.
M – Mesas Redondas / M – Round tables.
M004  Psychology for Liberation: Contemporary Currents.  English  Teatro 2

Viernes 22 / Friday 22h – 17 – 18’30h.
IN012  Participative session: Constructing Liberation Psychology.  English
Aula Máster / MASTER ROOM




We´ve had some problems with registration.  I´ve finally diagnosed the problem which was to do with the Captcha thing you have to complete.

It is temporarily taken down which means there are rogue registrations at present from robotic programmes (why do they do this?).  We´ll get back to normal as soon as I have time to reinstall the captcha.   But at least it means you shouldn{t have trouble registering.




Starting discusions is now easier

We now have ‘site wide forums’ – so you don’t need to start or join a group to start or join a discussion.  Go to the Forums tab and you’ll see.



New profile fields added

You can add some further information about yourself now.   These fields are not mandatory but help us to build up a picture of network members.



Difficulty registering?

Some people have had difficulty registering.  Your user name should be lowercase and not include spaces e.g. ‘janesmith’ not ‘Jane Smith’.  If you still have problems contact me directly and I’ll set you up manually.



Discussion email list subscribe function restored

The subscribe function on the discussion list page (see tab) had stopped working today 20 Nov.  I’m not sure why but I’ve restored it.




Now you can post!

Log in and select dashboard at the top – then you can create a new post which will appear here on this page.

Or you can post an update from your profile or from the activity page.  This won’t appear on the home page though.