‘Guantanamo Nightmare’: Roy Eidelson on UnitedStatesian Psychology and Torture

from Counterpunch via Southern Psychologies (thanks Desmond)
“Roy Eidelson, clinical psychologist, president of Eidelson Consulting and member of the Coalition for an Ethical Psychology, published a fascinating essay in the latest edition of Counterpunch (available online here). It’s a cautionary tale for psychology: a futuristic, distopian vision of a discipline so entangled with the military machinations of the US army that the APA has moved its headquarters to Guantanamo Bay… The opening paragraph reads as follows: ‘It was June 2025, and balloons, streamers, and fanfare celebrated the grand opening of the American Psychological Association’s new headquarters and museum at the former Guantanamo Bay Detention Centre in [an illegally occupied corner of] Cuba.    …….. read more.



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Enrique Dussel Website is online again

This site: http://enriquedussel.com/Home_en.html  is an excellent resource for this important philosopher whose work is so relevant to liberation psychology.   The article I published with Jorge Mario Flores on the implications of his work for psychology has many references to articles and books available online on this site – with quite a lot in English.  You can follow these still, but you now need to replace “dussel.org” with “dussel.com” in the addresses.  The gateway to both Spanish and English versions of the site is at http://enriquedussel.com/   Inevitably there is a lot more available to you if you can read Spanish (and actually Dussel is a very clear writer so it’s worth the effort).

Enrique Dussel at Maya Fire Ceremenony, 2001 Liberation Psychology Congress, Guatemala City: an accidental photo.

Enrique Dussel at Maya Fire Ceremony, 2001 Liberation Psychology Congress, Guatemala City: an accidental photo.


Wikipedia page on Liberation Psychology – help needed

You might not be aware that there is a Wikipedia page about Liberation Psychology.  I did the first draft of this in 2005 and there have been various edits by others since.  I’ve added some material recently and made some corrections and also a bit of re-focussing and contextualising.  It would be great if others knowledgeable about the field would help with this so we have an entry that does accurately represent Liberation Psychology at a site that many people will look to first.

And those of you whose first language is not English might like to add entries about Liberation Psychology in the relevant Wikipedia site.




Disappeared Mexican Psychologists: Statement from Critical Psychology Symposium in Turkey

Statement agreed following discussion at the Third Critical Psychology Symposium (Diyarbakir, Turkey).  It has been forwarded to those in Mexico campaigning for a proper investigation into the disappearance of Ana Belén, Diego and Enrique Luis.  The Spanish translation follows the English and a Turkish version is also available.

We, the participants of the Third Critical Psychology Symposium (Diyarbakir, Turkey) in the name of TODAP, the Association of Psychologists for Social Solidarity, want to register our support for the recent calls on the authorities in the State of Michoacán, Mexico and other relevant authorities in Mexico to investigate the forced disappearance of Ana Belén Sánchez Mayorga, Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda and Enrique Luis Castañeda Nava, on 22th July in Paracho after taking part in the Festival of Balloons of Cantoya.

Ana Belén Sánchez Mayorga and Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda are psychology students at the Autonomous University of Mexico City.

 We urge the authorities to investigate this case immediately.

 Nosotros, participantes del Tercer Symposio de la Psicología Crítica (Diyarbakir, Turquía) en nombre de TODAP La Asociacón de Psicólogos para la Solidaridad Social, queríamos registrar nuestro apoyo por los llamamientos recientes a los autoridades en el Estado de Michoacán, México y otros autoridades relevantes del país que investiguen la desaparición forzada de Ana Belén Sánchez Mayorga, Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda y Enrique Luis Castañeda Nava, el 22 de julio en Paracho, Michoacán después de participar en el Festival de Globos de Cantoya.

Ana Belén Sánchez Mayorga y Diego Antonio Maldonado Castañeda son estudiantes de la carera de psicología en la Universidad Autónoma de la Ciudad de México.
Llamarmos que las autoridades hayan investigación del delito sin demora.
16 September 2012

The symposium in Divarbakir was attended by some 370 people and the agreement to send the statement of support made at the final plenary session.  The symposium over two days was sponsored by the municipality of the largely Kurdish city and it focussed on social trauma.  There were two sessions that presented the ideas of Liberation psychology presented by Güneș Kyacı and  Özge Yılmaz, and by Mark Burton.  there was coniderable interst, especially given the similarities between the social contexts of Turkey and much of Latin America.


New Issue of Psychosocial Intervention / Intervención Psicosocial: article on Liberation Psychology and migration

This is a special issue on migration with some interesting articles.

See this article which provides another useful introduction to LP and then applies it to the question of migration.

The authors are from the Univ of Seville (Sevilla) – part of a group that has done some interesting work from this perspective, including work with migrant led social movement organisations.

Virginia Paloma and Vicente Manzano-Arrondo
The Role of Organizations in Liberation Psychology: Applications to the Study of Migrations [El Papel de las Organizaciones en la Psicología de la Liberación: Aplicaciones al Estudio de las Migraciones]
Psychosocial Intervention 20(3), 309-318



This has just been published at


On a quick look the following look of interest for this project.

Marxian Currents in Latin and North American Community Psychology (RAVI GOKANI), and

Wresting Change as a Liberating Concept: Lessons Learned from Teen Moms in a Liberation Psychology Workshop (COLLEEN MACQUARRIE, EMILY RUTLEDGE & LORRAINE BEGLEY)