Barcelona 2012

There is interest in a Liberation Psychology network event at the International Congress of Community Psychology in Barcelona June 2012.

An open group has been set up to discuss this on this site – see



Interest from Latin America

It seems to me that things are going a bit slowly with the network.  A lot of people have said supportive things but so far there has been little active sign-up and almost no discussion either here or on the discussion list.

However one development of interest is an offer from the Costa Rican Liberation Psychology Collective to translate some of their work – to post here or otherwise disseminate in English.  There has also been other interest resulting from a post I did on the Spanish language psicliberación discussion list.

Meanwhile those of us who organised the York symposium ‘transcommunity psychology praxis’ (María Castro and students, Steve Melluish, Raquel Guzzo and mark Burton) will be posting something from that discussion here.

But don’t wait for us – and don’t be shy – we only move forward by taking the first step!