Human Rights And Wrongs: Reluctant Heroes Fight Tyranny

A new book from network member, Adrianne Aron, who writes:

My new book, winner of the Sunshot Nonfiction Prize, is a collection of true stories about asylum seekers and other survivors of oppression and trauma I’ve encountered in my work as a liberation psychologist.

In every survivor’s tale there shines a ray of Hope, a light with the power to transform a dismal swamp of misery into a durable field of struggle. Following the trail blazed by Martín-Baró, I was able to discover in people who have been treated as no human being should ever be treated, tremendous courage and determination—a fortitude that spurs them to fight for their rights and to dare to imagine the possibility of a happy ending as survivors.

 The book has won praise from immigration lawyers, clinicians, academics, literary critics, and –best of all –refugees themselves. It’s available at local bookstores in the U.S. and also on line:

See the … stunning cover art by Eric Avery, “Haitian Interdiction 1981-1994.”  This is a book you really can tell by its cover!
In solidarity, Adrianne Aron

p.s. The publisher has nominated this little book for a major U.S. book prize! The mainstream is paying attention! 

FR0M SUNSHOT PRESS an imprint of New Millennium Writings

“If you only read one book on human rights this year, make it this winner of the Sunshot Nonfiction Prize”

book cover


Reluctant Heroes Fight Tyranny

By Adrianne Aron

True and timely accounts of a psychologist’s work with refugee asylum seekers and others with traumatic histories. Aron’s experienced and compassionate voice rings out in the national debate on immigration reform and the refugee crisis.

$12.95 paperback

ISBN: 978-1-944977-21-4

PUBLICATION DATE: October 1, 2018

DISTRIBUTOR (USA): Ingram Content Group


Also of interest on the same theme:

Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe: 1st Edition (Hardback) book cover

Migrant Resistance in Contemporary Europe

1st Edition

By Maurice Stierl


Over the past few years, increased ‘unauthorised’ migrations into the territories of Europe have resulted in one of the most severe crises in the history of the European Union. Stierl explores migration and border struggles in contemporary Europe and the ways in which they animate, problematise, and transform the region and its political formation.

This volume follows public protests of migrant activists, less visible attempts of those on the move to ‘irregularly’ subvert borders, as well as new solidarities and communities that emerge in interwoven struggles for the freedom of movement. Stierl offers a conceptualisation of migrant resistances as forces of animation through which European forms of border governance can be productively explored. As catalysts that set socio-political processes into frictional motion, they are developed as modes of critical investigation, indeed, as method. By ethnographically following and being implicated in different migration struggles that contest the ways in which Europe decides over and enacts who does, and does not, belong, the author probes what they reveal about the condition of Europe in the contemporary moment.

This work will be of great interest to students and scholars of Migration, Border, Security and Citizenship Studies, as well as the Political Sciences more generally.



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