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I’m on the hunt for liberation psychology themed conferences in 2014. I’m embarrassed to say I only speak English. Like others, I’m keen on conferences that focus on how psychology can catalyze social action. I continue to be fascinated and disturbed by how we overlook others’ suffering particularly when we are in the face of it. So, I’m also looking for the opportunity to air my research on bystanding and deepen my understanding of its layers through dialogues.

Any suggestions will be more than welcome.



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  1. Thanks for posting this Deanne. A couple of thoughts.
    1) The Forthcoming International Community Psychology Conference in Fortaleza, North East Brazil, next year is the most obvious choice. Fortaleza happens to be one of the most interesting locations (in my opinion) for liberatory community psychology (it’s also in the region where Paulo Freire began his work). I hope I’m summarising accurately when I say that the psychology people there work closely with social movement organisations, demonstrating an exemplary way of working in partnership, guided by the movements rather than imposing a professional definition of need and solution, but nevertheless adding something important to their capacity for social and community action. They explicitly see Liberation Psychology as one of the currents informing their work. The conference is likely to be a good place to get and share experiences and ideas on how psychology can catalyze social action. Link to the conference website, now live, is on the events page of
    The languages of that conference will be Portuguese, Spanish and English. So far the Fortaleza work is mostly available only in Portuguese and many of the people involved there speak Spanish well. But there may well be some difficulties in sharing work from Latin America with those who use English – that is something I’ll raise with the organisers (they’ve kindly invited me onto the scientific committee) to see if we can somehow showcase this and other work from the region that exemplifies Liberation psychology.
    I’m sure others will come up with other opportunities in addition to this conference.
    2) I’m glad you raise the language issue. I started this network precisely because of the need to link together people who use different languages, and particularly to act as a conduit between Liberation Psychologies in Latin america and those areas that speak, or who use, English. Not everyone has the time or opportunity to learn other languages so something like this initiaitive is necessary, while bearing in mind the risks that come from use of this globally hegemonic language.
    I learned Spanish starting in my late 40s, in part to read the Latin American literature in community and liberation psychology. I’ll never be more than a functionally competent speaker, but that opened up a whole new world for me (including, with a bit more struggle, the ability to make sense of Portuguese writing). So I do urge fellow liberatory psychologists to make the effort to cross language barriers (I also know people who learned German and Russian for similar reasons) – it repays the effort enormously. And there’s still time to pick up a smattering before Fortaleza – a little goes a long way!

  2. Really appreciate this reply Mark. The Fortaleza conference looks very interesting and more so because its where some of the ideas come from and people are active with them.

    One of the reasons I was and remain excited about the possibilities of this network is because I feel locked in English. I consistently have a feeling that there is sensibility in thought that is crucial to fuller understanding and that remains unavailable in many translations. Your encouragement to learn another language is motivation to break through this.


  3. I’ve just heard about this one in Preston, Lanchashire, UK.
    Will add it to the events page – not LP, but part of the family!
    “Paulo Freire and Transformative Education: Changing Lives and Transforming Communities”
    ‘Education is an act of love, and thus an act of courage’. Paulo Freire
    Date: 28th April -1st May 2014
    To register your interest please contact Emma Woodward or telephone +44 (0)1772 894500

  4. I would also add the planned Liberation Psychology Congress in Peru into this mix as the last one I attended in Bogota, Colombia was extremely interesting and there were enough kind and understanding people among the people attending for me to glean what was being said most of the time and I certainly improved my capacity to listen and at times understand Spanish although the speed of talking sometimes presented problems but as this is the same for non-English speakers I saw the justice in this.
    I will post on here once the details become available,
    jacqui l

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