The Costa Rica meeting

See the events page for detail about this Liberation Psychology event 22-23 March, 2012.

Ignacio Dobles makes the following observation, affirming the openness of Liberation Psychology – it isn’t just something for psychologists:

“It is important to be clear that this event isn’t exclusively for people from the [Costa Rica Liberation Psychology] collective, psychology professionals or academics in general, but that it is open to any person or group that is interested in analysing and questioning the everyday things that we go through, and likewise the aim of sharing and articulating alternatives that can change things.”

“Es importante tener claro que esta actividad no es exclusivamente para personas del colectivo, profesionales en psicología o académicos en general, sino que está abierta a toda persona o grupo que se sienta interés en analizar y cuestionar las cotidianidades por las que transitamos, así como el deseo de articular e intercambiar alternativas que permitan transformar la realidad.”


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